Pragya & Neeraj Jindal

Racconti is part of the S.R Jindal group, founded by the late Mr. Shiv Ram Jindal in 1960, who was a true visionary and a great leader.His life was his message to the world, and he made sure it was inspiring. Rich in culture, experience, history and character, the Jindal Group has always invested in latest technology and techniques of production to cater to the need of the hour. Shiv Ram Jindal group has many feathers in it’s hat,expertising production in Steel and PVC Pipes, Stainless Steel Coils, Artificial Leather and Garment Accessories, that command a very dominating position in their respective fields. Mr. Neeraj Jindal, being the grandson of Mr. Shiv Ram Jindal, is the third progressive generation in line, and aims at carrying the legacy forward. His motto in life being ‘Dream Hard and Work Harder’. The passion for design and creativity led Mr. Neeraj to set up Jindal Buttons 30 years ago. Catering to the garment industry, Jindal Buttons is now one of the world’s largest manufacturers of Polyester Buttons. Two years ago,the couple Pragya & Neeraj Jindal, thought of the furniture industry as a creative sector, and their keen eye for exclusivity led to the birth of a unique and distinctive luxury furniture venture,which we today know as Racconti. Jindal group’s association with the talented Italians goes as back as 25 years, and the  inimitable skill set and craftsmanship of the Italians has yet again led us to tie knots with the best. Quality production and value maximization has been our family’s and the Jindal Group’s priority since inception.At Racconti, which is another branch in the tree, value creation will be the key driving factor and where pleasure in the job puts perfection in the work.