Racconti is a young story, but with an innate vision of beaming into the international arena, evolving and reinterpreting the art of furniture making and design with its unique and bespoke collections.

“Design is where science and luxury meet and a good design is like clear thinking made visual”


Racconti specializes in providing it’s clients with high-end luxurious furniture, tailormade to exemplify their homes.Great skill set and research entails us to provide luxury defining furniture. We at Racconti firmly believe that design is an ingredient that changes the experience of coming across an object.

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Detailed experimentation and research on materials, latest technology, a team of experienced designers, a super solid supply chain, all of which help us achieve quality products.


We at Racconti keep our clients at the highest pedestal, hence designing, manufacturing and delivering their desired products with a lot of emotion and sensitivity. We are an organization that believes that it’s not just the hard work, but the emotion behind the process that counts when we design and manufacture each product. Racconti is about furnishing a brand with which it’s products expresses the real beauty of quality and craftsmanship, where we all believe that elegance is when the inside is as beautiful as the outside!