Design tips from our Master Craftsmen Adding
a touch of youto your homes with Racconti

27 June, 2021


Fall in love with the harmonious and fancy shapes every day.

With its timeless charm and inner elegance in every cut & form, you can now own furniture that adds a voice to your home - something to reflect and something to speak by, your versatility and your inner core beauty.

After all, who doesn’t long for warmth and rest in their homes after a tiring day? The ‘always beautiful to look at’ furniture, with its unmistakable welcoming essence brings to your homes a sense of peace and serenity.

Home is made of unconditional love and life-long dreams.

Home is where our We fondly believe the word home evokes pleasant feelings of well-being, tranquility and security. Racconti is the true representation of that life at home – a wise human choosing an exceptional lifestyle, quality and what truly resonates with their distinct personality. But for our craftsmen, home is where routine becomes luxury and pure fascination.story begins; it is the starting place of all love, hope and dreams.

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Traditional and contemporary design: Find a voice that you love

Home is where our story begins; it is the starting place of all love, hope and dreams.

27 June, 2021 

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Decorating your home is indeed a very personal affair. And when choosing a style, it is essential to complement everything so that your home looks complete and balanced. You however cannot forget the importance of integrating your personality for it is that piece of you which put in your space that makes it wholesome, welcoming and comfortable.

Being comfortable in one’s home is paramount, but as it happens, it is difficult to find a seamless meeting point for style and comfort. All you have to do is glance into your hearts, listen to your innermost desires and understand yourself. Owning your real self is the way to completely own your style and carry it with pride

The magic thing about home is that it feels good to leave, and it feels even better to come back.


Personality dictates everything, indirectly or at times even directly - the patterns you choose, the colours you prefer or the textures you find most proper. Choose a style that matches who you are. It is not easy to determine who you are, but thinking about your preferences and your most basic choices is certainly a start! And when you come across ‘the one’, you think, “This feels right, it fits me.”


Make a home that you love coming back to

The best design is one that fits the owners needs, one that can speak to him and like him, even when it is not made by him. Your home talks about you and its design makes a statement, “I am his shelter and in times chaotic and unknown, I am his little piece of heaven.” This extraordinary feeling is perfectly captured by this phrase - There’s no place like home.


Be it traditional or contemporary, timeless or ever-evolving, the journey of building a place you wish to call home starts with your very self. Time for some exploring, are you ready to go on this journey of discovery?

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Tip 1 : Dial back into the sheer opulence of Renaissance

Warm tones of the walnut finish and soft gilded accents

A home that speaks for those who wish to enjoy a luxury-filled yet elegant atmosphere finds its place with Italian renaissance style furniture. The warm tones of the walnut finish and soft gilded accents provide a perfect mix of richness and grace. Your home will now connotate a precious timeless quality, perfectly encapsulating the beauty and elegance that has always distinguished Italian design.

Tip 2 : Find yourself between classic
and modern

A taste that speaks for everyone

Furniture's aesthetics are built on contrasts between precious finishes and gradient hues which distinguish each part while keeping them connected by a narrow line of artistic continuity. Indeed, the combination of classic and modern sophistication will take your breath away.

Modern and classic combined together gives birth to a place of relaxation where no detail is left to chance and where comfort is never missing. Make a home where you will always feel pampered - surrounded by furniture that combines design and functionality.

Tip 3 : Return to neoclassical design for timeless beauty

Luxury style and furniture : Beyond classic

Times have changed. Today, many people long for the unattainable, everything is within reach. And not being able to have what we want is not always easy to accept. The same goes for homes and furniture.

The harmony of contemporary shapes made out of passion for perfection that makes your living room exceptionally beautiful and sophisticated is the core of neoclassical designs. Formal, clean and complete with geometric details, these fine furnishing elements capture the charm of those who love balanced and harmonious features & take that extraordinary mile!

Tip 4 : Ponder into details in a charmingly classic way

Brilliant colors and square lines

Embodiment of this design reflects the soul of someone who enjoys impressing others with excellent traditional elements. Details add an extra touch to your taste. Glass finishes make your homes brighter; well-designed colour contrasts add character and give uniqueness to your precious pieces of furniture.

Definitely, details mark an unmistakable class - preserving the right level of luxury with grace.

Tip 5 : Sofas and armchairs : The state
of ultimate comfort and elegance

Slender silhouettes and curved lines stitched in the best of fabrics

Sofa and armchairs are the protagonists of your home, because in addition to furnishing the house they speak for your taste giving shape and personality to a setting. With the aim of selecting seats of remarkable comfort and unquestionable aesthetics, let yourself be seduced by the elegance and beauty of sofas and armchairs with a classic taste. Balanced choreography between strong lines and sinuous volumes - a style our master craftsmen vouch by.

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Your home is where your heart is.

Even if it is not built by him, the ideal design is one that suits the owner's wants & desires. Your house speaks volumes about you, and its design declares, "I am his refuge, and in times of chaos and unpredictability, I am his small bit of peace & serenity."

These designs, whether renaissance or neoclassical, make you feel home and cared about; your ever returning saga to your own self is accompanied in the presence of these elements connoting comfort, grace and elegance.

Are you ready to choose your comfort & elegance, something that’s always ready to seek you in its bundle of joy & beauty?