Alessandro Castello e Maria Antonietta Lagravinese

Sharing their passion for design and fashion, in 2008,
ALESSANDRO and MARIA ANTONIETTA created the brand ONLYMITED, for which they designed a collection of exclusive pieces in a limited numbered series, inspired by the world of fashion, giving priority to minute details and exclusive finishing. After this entrepreneurial experience, they founded CASTELLO LAGRAVINESE STUDIO, located in Carate Brianza, close to Brianza’s production core. 
Care and attention to the client, a double look on projects and the research for innovative elements are the factors which distinguish them and allow them to create unique pieces, where contemporary style winks at tradition in an ironic and innovative way. Since their debut, they have been collaborating,both as designers and art directors, with important companies of the world in luxury and contemporary furniture,creating products and collections, exclusively tailored and crafted with great attention to details.

Adriano Castiglioni is an Italian architect,graduated from the Politecnico di Milano. He has been a freelancer since the year 2000,since he created his own studio. He has been collaborating for several years with several important brands in the furniture sector as a designer and consultant. He also works in the field of architecture with private projects. His projects follow a modern and contemporary design,based on market trends, with the use of different types of materials from wood to metal, from cloth to leather. He tries to follow the project at all stages of development, focusing on the details to arrive at the final product that satisfies everyone, leaving nothing to chance. 

Arch. Adriano Castiglioni
Edoardo Colzani & Arch. Luca Novati

Edoardo Colzani is an Industrial Designer and Art Director. Over the years he has collaborated with various companies ranging from cosmetics to industrial engineering and interior design. Since 2013 he has been the Art Director of Laurameroni Design Collection. In 2016 he received prestigious recognition during the Venice Biennale.
Luca Novati has been an architect since 2006. A careful study of the cultural traditions of the Como area and a love for travel have influenced his aesthetic research. His projects range from the realization of scenographies for events to the restoration of industrial buildings, from interior design staging to industrial products.
Two different styles, two eclectic and distinct personalities united by a love for their birthplace and a passion for design brings to COLZANI&NOVATI STUDIO.

Born and raised in a family of architects, Nikhil Chopra has inherently adopted the instincts and the intrinsic skills required to be a top-level designer at Racconti. Since a young age, Nikhil has had a keen eye for details, be it stitching, furniture details or making furniture with his bare hands. After schooling, he was determined to follow his passion, and finally obtained a degree in interior and furniture designing, patronizing his past informal learning with a formal educational degree in 2010. Being in the industry for over 10 years, Nikhil has obtained great exposure, skill set and knowledge about the industry. Moreover, he has worked with some of the finest in the industry, which has further widened his horizons. Nikhil is a prominent asset to Racconti, his eagerness to explore and eye for detail has given him the ability to turn challenging ideas into reality.

Nikhil Chopra